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Fukagawa Porcelain

Fukagawa Seiji was established in 1894 by Cyuji Fukagawa, who has been in the kiln firing business for generations since around 1650 in Arita, the birthplace of porcelain in Japan. Since winning the gold medal at the Paris World Exposition in 1900 (Meiji 33), it has attracted international attention. Since its founding, the company has inherited the integrated production that handles all processes in-house, from making the fabric to mixing the paint, and continues to propose the beauty of life through ceramics while inheriting traditional techniques.

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Tetote Small Cup Tetote Small Cup
Tetote Small Cup Sale priceFrom $34.00
てとて ソーサー/プレート ヒスイ.てとて ソーサー/プレート ヒスイ.
てとて お茶碗/丸ボウル ヒスイ.てとて お茶碗/丸ボウル ヒスイ.
Tetote oval plate Tetote oval plate
Tetote oval plate Sale priceFrom $83.00
Tetote Cup Tetote Cup
Tetote Cup Sale priceFrom $93.00
てとて 急須/ポット ヒスイ.てとて 急須/ポット ヒスイ.
Tetote teapot Sale price$133.00
てとて ちょこ皿 ヒスイ.てとて ちょこ皿 ヒスイ.
てとて ちょこ ヒスイ.てとて ちょこ ヒスイ.
Tetote Choco Sale price$22.00
てとて 小鉢/ボウル マユ.てとて 小鉢/ボウル マユ.
Sold outSake Juyondai konpeito and original bonbonniereSake Juyondai konpeito and original bonbonniere