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Tetote Small Cup

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From Fukagawa Seiji, which has a history of about 130 years in Arita, Saga Prefecture, a simple and minimal series "Tetote" that blends into modern life. It is made with great care for the feeling and ease of use that is transmitted from the hand. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as drinks, soups, and soba cups.

Jade, which has a deep bluish green like the celadon porcelain of the Sung dynasty in China, and white porcelain, Mayu, which has a softness like a cocoon in its translucence that is absorbed, are the auspicious of Japan via the Silk Road. We have prepared three colors of the palmetto pattern "Tsunagu" that has evolved into a pattern.The natural texture of natural Amakusa pottery stone is preserved, and each piece is hand-crafted by craftsmen.During firing, unexpected changes due to flames (jade may take on a brownish color) and iron contained in the fabric may appear as black dots, but please enjoy the natural look.

Tetote Small Cup
Tetote Small Cup Sale price$33.00