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Tetote tea bowl / round bowl

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A minimal series that fits your life from Fukagawa Seiji, which has a history of about 130 years in Arita, Saga Prefecture.It is a small size bowl that fits easily in your hand.

We have prepared two colors: "Jade", which has a deep bluish green like the celadon porcelain of the Song dynasty in China, and "Mayu", which has a softness like a cocoon in a transparent feeling that is sucked into it.The natural texture of natural Amakusa pottery stone is preserved, and each piece is hand-crafted by craftsmen.During firing, unexpected changes due to flames (jade may take on a brownish color) and iron contained in the fabric may appear as black dots, but please enjoy the natural look.

てとて お茶碗/丸ボウル ヒスイ.
Tetote tea bowl / round bowl Sale price¥6,600