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This yudofu tub is made to let you fully enjoy the taste of yudofu. It has the functionality of being able to heat tofu and soup stock at the same time, as well as the beauty of creating a tabletop display.

Nakagawa Wood Crafts, which has been in business for three generations, used to make products for high-end restaurants at Tarugen, a long-established coke shop in Kyoto where the founder, Kameichi, worked as a craftsman. Kameichi was recognized for his skill at Tarugen and was allowed to continue making the same products even after becoming independent, and continues to do so even today.

To use, place kelp in the bottom of a tub and add hot water. You can put charcoal in the copper pot and enjoy boiled tofu at the appropriate temperature. You can add soup stock to the ceramic chirori to keep it warm. It can also be used to warm sake.