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Kyoto Sashimono Champagne Cooler Shizuku

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Joinery that combines wood and wood without using any joining tools such as nails.Mr. Shuji Nakagawa, the third generation of Nakagawa Mokkougei, has 700This is a champagne cooler made with techniques and original ideas that have been passed down for many years. A modern shape that breaks conventional wisdom and a sharp rim are attractive. the material isAmong the Kiso cypress trees, we use carefully selected timbers over 200 years old from the Bishu cypress tree, which has been carefully managed as an official forest of the Owari Tokugawa family. One full bottle can be chilled.


* Shizuku does not accept branding due to the shape of the side.

*If you have any questions about quantity, please contact us.

Since we use natural wood, the wood grain is different one by one.    

京指物シャンパンクーラー Shizuku.
Kyoto Sashimono Champagne Cooler Shizuku Sale price$506.00