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Lucky cat tea canister

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Kaihuatang × Couple TOMO

A tea caddy with an auspicious cloisonné pattern that symbolizes wishes for peace, harmony, and good fortune, and a ``beckoning cat'' on the inner lid knob to bring good luck.

Founded in 1875 (Meiji 8), Kaikado is the oldest tea caddy manufacturer in existence. Even now, all 130 steps are still done by hand. The tea caddy has a high degree of airtightness due to the precision of hand work and double structure, and can be used for a variety of purposes, not just tea leaves. No painting is applied to make the most of the natural texture, and the more you use it, the deeper the texture and luster will become, allowing you to enjoy the color as it changes over time.


Lucky cat tea canister
Lucky cat tea canister Sale price$227.00