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Kyo Sashimono Champagne Cooler konoha Cypress

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A joinery that combines wood with wood without using any joining tools such as nails.Mr. Shuji Nakagawa, the third generation of Nakagawa Wood Crafts, is 700It is a champagne cooler created with techniques and original ideas that have been handed down from many years ago. The champagne cooler in the tub is light, less likely to cause condensation, and is also suitable for keeping bottles cool. Two full bottles of wine can be chilled. It can also be used for sake.

・ If you select with branding iron, you can put a branding iron such as a logo mark on the side.

-You can choose from two types of materials: "Takano Maki", which grows slowly and has extremely fine annual rings, and the fabric is white and beautiful, and "Oshu Hinoki", which is characterized by its slightly warm color and texture, and the grain that runs on the surface.

Material: Maki Takano / Oshu Hino, Nickel silver (silver silver, nickel silver * copper / zinc / nickel alloy), bamboo nails
Size: H20.0cm W37.5cm D22.0cm 

Weight: Approximately 680g 

Thickness: Approximately 7 mm

* If you have any request for quantity etc., please contact us as we will contact you from inquiries.

Design registration (Japan): No. 1395844
Design registration (EU): 1665977-0001
Design registration (UK): 961659770001
Design registration (US): US D651,049 S

■ Precautions for use

* Do not use near fire. * Please drain and dry after use. * If you are concerned about dirt, wash it with a scrubbing brush. * Dishwasher cannot be used. * Since natural wood is used, each grain is different. * "Konoha" has a glass coating on the inside to prevent the wood from shrinking. Therefore, the texture on the inside and outside is slightly different.